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The story of Flat Owly

For months, Flat Owly has been helping the Association of Rice Alumni (ARA) prepare for Rice Homecoming & Reunion on Nov. 10 and 11. The story goes that, one day, Owly was hanging around ARA headquarters (Huff House) when a Campanile fell from a shelf and flattened him! While this would most certainly be a problem for other animals (a sheepdog or a cougar, for example), an Owl is rarely discouraged.

Flat Owly found he could now get around in ways an ordinary Owl could not. He could slip under doorways and float on a breeze. With ease, he attended ARA board meetings and the 2017 Laureates Awards Dinner, but he longed to visit with Rice alumni everywhere.

Then suddenly, after quietly slipping out of a meeting at Huff House, Flat Owly was struck with a remarkable idea. Because he could travel in a pocket or be mailed in a letter, Flat Owly could visit with alumni all over the world and still be back at Rice in time for Homecoming & Reunion!

He’s currently taking a practice tour this summer, accompanying ARA board members on their travels. Very soon, however, Flat Owly will be hitching a ride by post to YOUR mailbox!

Once he arrives, Flat Owly wants to go on adventures in your city or abroad. Wherever you go, take him with you (he fits easily in your wallet or purse). Be sure to take plenty of photos along the way and share them with fellow Rice alumni on social media with the hashtag #RICEHC17.

We will share and re-post your photos on our website and the @ricealumni social media accounts as a reminder that wherever you are in the world, alumni, your roots are at Rice. We look forward to seeing your creativity as you and your friends and family help Flat Owly take flight!

Take Flat Owly with you wherever you go!

  1. Take his photo in front of notable buildings and landmarks, at cool events, with interesting people or even objects. The sky is the limit, so have fun and be creative!
  2. Post your images to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #RICEHC17
  3. Watch for your photos on the ARA website or our social media accounts. You DO follow @ricealumni, dont you? 

Is your Flat Owly lost?

No problem! Just download, print (we recommend cardstock) and cut out a new Flat Owly.

Thank you for helping Flat Owly make his journey with Rice alumni memorable!

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