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About Education & Outreach

Our Focus

Through its Education & Outreach (E&O) Committee, REA facilitates opportunities for alumni to interact with current Rice students as well as other students in their communities, through programs such as:

  • connecting alumni to the School of Engineering to recruit Rice students for internships;
  • hosting Engineer Your Career: to be held in conjunction with the Rice Center for Career Development Career Fair in September;
  • judging and volunteering at Rice events like the OEDK Design Showcase;
  • volunteering at community events like the Austin Regional Science Festival and the Science & Engineering Fair of Houston;
  • serving as alumni judges, speakers, sponsors, and mentors for the Oshman Engineering Design Kitchen (OEDK)
  • Rice Center for Engineering Leadership (RCEL), and other GRBSE programs throughout the year,
  • sponsoring a team for OwlSpark.

REA and the OEDK

The Oshman Engineering Design Kitchen (OEDK) provides a space for undergraduate students majoring in all engineering disciplines, computational and applied mathematics, computer science, materials science and statistics to design, prototype and deploy solutions to real-world engineering challenges.

The REA has been partnering with them for the past three years on project sponsorship, and we would like ot extend the invitation to our members to get even more involved in project discussions and judging of competitions. These events are a great way to stay connected to the students as they work on their projects. Visit here for a list of upcoming and past events!


REA Design Team

In 2012, REA began sponsoring a design team in the OEDK. This direct REA support goes to a project that has significant academic merit but which does not naturally lend itself to corporate support and thus, in the past, may have gone un-funded.

2015-2016: Team Pre-ictal Predicators: A Digital Cure for Epilepsy


REA collaborates with the Rice Center for Engineering Leadership (RCEL) on multiple programs and events, including the SCREECH competition (an opportunity for graduate students to deliver a 90-second snapshot of their research). The first SCREECH was held in 2012 with funding from the REA Student Project Grant Program! For more information about RCEL and how you can get involved, visit Also learn about RCEL's mentorship program at The mentorship link contains applications for both prospective mentors and prospective students. 


Volunteers Opportunities with the OEDK

For a comprehensive list of volunteers opportunities with the OEDK, please visit:

Pre-ictal Predictors

Pre-Ictal Predictors- Pictured: 42 Prieto, Michael Tsehaie, Chris Harshaw, and Emily Meigs 


One of the most important ways alumni can suppport Rice engineering is by recruiting Rice students for meaningful internships. For further details, please contact:

Gary Marfin
Associate Dean for Government and Corporate Relations

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