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REA Leadership

Rice Engineering Alumni is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors consisting of approximately 20 alumni serving staggered 3-year terms. 

2018-2019 Board of Directors

REA Board of DirectorsOfficers

President - Rick Swain, ChE '75

President Elect - HT Than, MS ME '87

Immediate Past President - Priya Prasad, ChE '08

Secretaries - Geoff Gannaway ChE '97 and Guillame Besnard MS ChE '97

Treasurer - Ian Akash Morrison EE '13

Board Terms Ending 2019-2020

June 2019

Rajat Duggal PhD ChE '06

Josh Eames, ChE '13

Geoff Gannaway ChE '97

Fernando "Gabe" Garcia ChE '00

Ramdas Pophale, PhD BioE '09

Priya Prasad ChE '08

John Salch PhD Stat '97

June 2020

Guillaume Besnard, MS ChE '97

Robin Brooks, EE '85

Adam Gottlieb, ME '03

David Hindman, ME '98

Ian Akash Morrison, EE '13

Rick Swain ChE '75, MChE '75


Board Terms Ending 2021-2022

June 2021

Christopher Powers, BS ChE '02

Daniela Chona, BS ChE '12

H.T. Than, MS ME '87

Patrick Cresap, BS EE '02

Tim Daniel, BS CE '81, M CE '84

Vivas Kumar,BS EE '14

June 2022

Apporva Bhargava,

Steve French,

MaryLauren Ilagan,

Joanna Nathan,

Ramesh Neelamani,


Applications / Nominations to serve on the REA Board

If you are interested in serving for 2018-19, click here apply to the REA Board of Directors or to one of the REA Committees. 

To fulfill its mission, REA seeks dedicated Rice engineering graduates to serve on the REA Board of Directors.

The REA Board of Directors is not an advisory or honorary body, but a working board. Directors need not reside in Houston, but are expected to attend a few key REA functions in Houston. Directors are further expected to:

  • Support REA as a Sponsor at a leadership level in line with their capacity.
  • Attend the three Board meetings in person, and attend the monthly Board meetings in person or electronically
  • Serve faithfully on multiple REA committees
  • Attend principal REA, School of Engineering, and Rice events in their areas
  • Represent REA at other university and professional events
  • Engage actively with faculty, students, alumni and friends of the School of Engineering; and
  • Contribute valuably to the work and mission of REA.

An REA Board member can expect to devote 60-75 hours per year to Board work and REA activities.

Selection to serve on the REA Board is competitive. Experience in management, non-profit leadership or Rice alumni programs is desired. All candidates/nominees for the REA Board are required to submit an application to the Board Governance Committee. The Board Governance Committee accepts applications continuously; reviews applications in January through March of each year; and presents its recommendations to the REA Board in April. Selected applicants are notified in May, attend the June Board meeting as observers, and begin their terms on July 1.

REA strives to ensure that a diversity of majors, professions and class years are represented in the application process and on the Board.

For any questions on the application process or requirements, please contact Rajat Duggal, Chair REA Board Governance Committee.

Ex Officio

Reginald DesRoches, Dean of Engineering
Bart Sinclair EE '73, MEE '74, PhD '78, Associate Dean, GRBSOE
Sara Lillehaugen Rice, Director of Development
Ann Lugg, Director of Communications, GRBSOE
Dan Stypa, Associate Director of Alumni Programs, Office of Alumni Relations

REA Committees

REA Board members serve on standing committees and task forces that carry out the work and mission of REA. Current REA standing committees and their 2017-2018 chairs are:

Sponsorship - Guillaume Besnard, MS ChE '97
Communications - Josh Eames, ChE '13
Alumni Honors - Arnaud Chevallier ME '98, PhD '01
Education & Outreach - Nikolay Kostov ME '10, PhD '13
Grants & Awards - Alberto Montesi, PhD ChE '05
Austin Chapter Steering Team - Robin Brooks, EE '85
DFW Chapter Steering Team - Tim Daniel, BS CE '81, MSCE '84 
SFBA Chapter Steering Team - Duo Wu CAAM '12 
Board Governance- Rajat Duggal PhD ChE '06

Rice engineering alumni are invited to serve on the following committees for the 2017-18 school year:

  • Social Planning Committees (Houston, Austin, Dallas-Fort Worth and San Francisco-Bay Area): organize programs for alumni in Houston and three regional chapters
  • Alumni Honors: manages and selects honorees for Outstanding Engineering Alumnus, Outstanding Young Engineering Alumnus and Distinguished Service Medal
  • Grants & Awards: manages and selects recipients for $5,000 in project grants and over $100,000 in scholarships
  • Education & Outreach: manages REA's support of OEDK design teams and connects alumni to Rice students
  • Sponsorship: promotes support of REA programs among the Rice community

To  inquire about one of these committees, please contact Rajat Duggal, REA Board Governance Chair. If you are interested in serving for 2018-19, click here to apply to the REA Board of Directors or to one of the REA Committees. 

Board of Directors Meetings

2017-2018 Board of Directors Meetings:

Fall 2017
Thursday, July 13: Monthly Meeting [Executive]
Saturday, August 19: Kickoff Meeting and Mixer
Thursday, September 14: Monthly Meeting
Thursday, October 12: Monthly Meeting
Thursday, November 10: Fall Meeting and Homecoming Reception)
Thursday, December 7: Monthly Meeting

Spring 2018
Thursday, January 11: Monthly Meeting
Thursday, February 15: Monthly Meeting
Thursday, March 8: Monthly Meeting
Saturday, April 21: Spring Meeting & End-of-Year Picnic
Thursday, May 10: Monthly Meeting
Thursday, June 7: Monthly Meeting

To submit items for consideration by the REA Board of Directors, please contact the REA Secretary, Geoff Gannaway.

Past Presidents of REA

The following list dates back to 1997-98. We welcome additions and corrections to this list.

2017-2018 - Priya Prasad ChE '08
2016-2017 - Joanna Papakonstantinou, CAAM MA '86
2015-2016 - Wendy Hoenig MSCI '86
2014-2015 - R. Michael Evans ME '65
2013-2014 - Ted Oldham ME '90
2012-2013 - Kate Hallaway CE '04
2011-2012 - George Webb EE '88, MEE '91
2010-2011 - John Alsop EE '78, MEE '83
2009-2010 - Henry Feldman EE '81
2008-2009 - Clayton Finney ChE '96
2007-2008 - Bryan Hassin CS/EE '00, MCS '02
2006-2007 - Dick Wilson CE '52
2005-2006 - John Perez ChE '96
2004-2005 - Justin Singer CS '01
2003-2004 - Fayebeth Little CE '98
2002-2003 - Du'Bois Joseph Ferguson Envi '76
2001-2002 - John Scott ME '82
2000-2001 - Jan Stavinoha Msci '91
1999-2000 - Paul G. Phillips ME '77
1998-1999 - Buster Brown CE '81
1997-1998 - Jeff Ross CE '75


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