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2016-18 Capital Investment

Launching its goal of making a long-term investment to the School of Engineering, in 2016 REA pledged $50,000 fover 3 years for renovating the Department of Mechanical Engineering’s internal combustion engine (ICE) lab. The REA fulfilled its pledge ahead of scheule in 2018! We'll be updating this site to reflect the progress of the lab, that's now up and running!

  • September 23, 2016 Press Release announcing REA pledge
  • October 2016: Video highlights comments from Dr. Schaefer, Chair of the Department of MechE and Loo, a Computer Science undergrad  
  • November 2016: REA's contribution featured on the front page of the Thresher
  • March 2017: Update form Dr. Schaefer: "attaching some pictures of what is going on with the engine right now. So far, the team has completely taken the entire engine block apart, cleaned it out, and rebuilt it from scratch. They've also gotten a quote from Taylor Dynamometer for a Inter-LocV dynamometer controller with both dynamometer and throttle control capability. They have also spec'ed out and ordered a dynamometer and throttle power amplifier units in a single rack mount enclosure, a mechanical throttle actuator system, a load cell and linkage assay, and a speed sensing system (mag PU with bracket and gear). The rest of the semester will be spent building and integrating all of that. If there is time they will also instrument the engine unit with data acquisition equipment."