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Frequently Asked Questions
  • What inspired the name "Sallyportal"?

    The name Sallyportal was submitted by new alumnus Matt McGee ’16 from McMurtry College for a contest held by the Office of Alumni Relations. Students and alumni submitted more than 140 names to the competition. The name Sallyportal reflects the use of the platform as a portal to connect Rice students and alumni, as well as Rice’s signature Sallyport — the iconic archway in the center of Lovett Hall that welcomes Rice freshmen as they matriculate and bids farewell to seniors as they graduate. Read more about the naming contest in Rice News.

  • Did the idea for Sallyportal come from students?

    Yes, and from alumni and parents, as well! In 2014, Rice students presented the Rice Education of the Future, a plan for enhancing the student experience. The plan highlighted the need for more mentorship opportunities, among other priorities, and became a central component of Rice University's Initiative for Students (2014-2017). At the same time, alumni have called for a more seamless and direct way to get tapped into the mentoring and volunteering community at Rice. Sallyportal seeks to do all of this by partnering with programs and departments across the university to serve students, alumni and parents.

  • What can I do on the website?

    Sallyportal users can:

    --Alumni can search for jobs posted by the Rice community

    --Look for mentors or mentees through a powerful and searchable professional directory and utilize the communication tools to contact each other directly through the site

    --Ask for or give advice through a message board

    --Browse a calendar of networking and professional development events

    --Find and engage with the campus group that best matches your interests

    --And more!

  • How is this different from other social media sites dedicated to professional development?

    For starters, Sallyportal is just for the Rice community! While sites like LinkedIn enable you to network broadly, Sallyportal provides an exclusive and focused level of access to the unique Rice Network. It is also a valuable complement to your LinkedIn account, and you can even import your LinkedIn information into Sallyportal!

    Sallyportal is both a first, important step for leveraging the expertise and talent of Rice Owls, and a way to amplify your professional development reach in unison with LinkedIn.

  • Who can access the site?

    All Rice students, alumni and parents can access the site, as will Rice faculty and staff who are looking to connect with the Rice network in support of professional development. 

  • What if alumni are looking for professional development opportunities?

    Start with Sallyportal. Whether you just graduated, are exploring a career, are working on specific skills or are just looking to get back into the workforce, you can connect to the Rice network through Sallyportal.

  • What kind of assistance are students looking for?

    Alumni and parents can share their professional and educational expertise in several ways:

    —Introduce others to your connections

    —Open doors at your workplace

    —Answer industry-specific questions

    —Offer advice and discuss your career path

    —Speak to student groups or be part of a panel

    Welcome students to shadow you at your place of employment or take part in a summer internship

    —And more!

  • Which Rice departments and groups are behind Sallyportal?

    The Association of Rice Alumni (ARA) and the Center for Career Development (CCD) developed Sallyportal in conjunction with other campus partners to complement the current professional development opportunities offered throughout Rice, including the CCD's RiceLink, which allows prospective employers to post jobs and internship opportunities for Rice students.

  • Is the site secure?

    Yes, the site is password protected. You can choose to sign in through your email, LinkedIn or Facebook account. 

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