Resolution to Endorse the V2C2

May 12, 2018

WHEREAS, the Association of Rice Alumni (ARA) comprises all Rice University alumni, a global network of more than 55,000 undergraduate and graduate alumni who are key ambassadors of the University and whose engagement is critical to Rice’s success;

WHEREAS, the ARA’s Constitution states that, inter alia, the ARA “endeavors to foster deeper concern among its members for the welfare of the University, to strengthen the bond of sympathetic understanding between the University and the community, to encourage gifts, to attract outstanding students and faculty, and to contribute toward maintaining Rice as a university in keeping with the ideals and aims of its founder”;

WHEREAS, Rice alumni have made key contributions to and provided critical support for recent Rice initiatives such as the Vision for the Second Century, the Centennial Celebration, the Centennial Campaign, and the Initiative for Students;

WHEREAS, Rice alumni recognize the value of research and the role of universities in pursuing knowledge, to the benefit of the nation and the world;

WHEREAS, Rice’s new strategic plan, the Vision for the Second Century, Second Decade (V2C2) is intended to raise Rice’s achievement to an even greater level as the University approaches the second decade of its second century;

WHEREAS, the V2C2 is an inspirational, forward-looking plan driven by Rice’s mission, values, essential attributes, history, and a driving ambition to contribute to our world through excellence in education and research; and

WHEREAS, the V2C2 reflects engagement with and input from Rice alumni, including direct engagement between the ARA Board of Directors and University leadership;

THEREFORE, be it resolved that the ARA Board of Directors enthusiastically supports the V2C2 and commits to full support for the V2C2 by taking the following actions:

  • We will promote the V2C2 to all Rice alumni, which will include educating Rice alumni about the seven broad goals of the V2C2 and the ways in which alumni engagement is encouraged in the V2C2.
  • We will serve as a conduit for ongoing communication between Rice alumni and University leadership regarding implementation of the V2C2.
  • We will incorporate priorities from the V2C2 into the ARA’s strategic planning efforts, which will influence Board initiatives moving forward.