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Student Awards

Each year REA provides scholarships to outstanding students in the George R. Brown School of Engineering. The REA Student Grants & Awards Committee will accept applications in Spring 2018. Stay tuned for the Application! For any questions, please e-mail the REA G&A Committee Chair  Alberto Montesi

All scholarships are awarded at the REA/School of Engineering End-of-Year Picnic, at which the entire Rice community is invited to celebrate the achievements of the year. Over $150,000 in awards and scholarships are presented.


Merit Awards

REA provides Merit Awards to outstanding Juniors and Seniors in the George R. Brown School of Engineering. Applications to be posted in Spring 2018. 2016/17 Recipients listed below.

Outstanding Senior: Tahir Malik

Distinguished Seniors: Sarah Hooper, Elizabeth Godfrey, Shengliang Zhu

Outstanding Junior: Mai Wang

Distinguished Juniors: Jacob Behling and Alberto Maldonando

Merit Award Senior and Junior per department: 

  • Bioengineering: Kathleen Francis (Senior)

  • Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering: Peter Szemraj (Senior), Margaret Roddy (Junior)

  • Civil and Environmental Engineering: Lori Ding (Senior), Jordan Bulanda (Junior)

  • Computational and Applied Mathematics: Kenny Groszman (Senior)

  • Computer Science: Philip Taffet (Senior), Ethan Perez (Junior)

  • Electrical and Computer Engineering: Senthil Natarajan (Senior), Vinay Raghavan (Junior)

  • Materials Science and NanoEgineering: Ajay Subramanian (Junior)

  • Mechanical Engineering: Nathan Bucki (Senior)

  • Statistics: Jiao Sun (Senior), Tiffany Tang (Junior)

Leadership, Research & Service Awards

REA provides four scholarships recognizing excellence in leadership, research, and international service. These scholarships are open to freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors in the School of Engineering.

Leadership Excellence Awards

Given to two undergraduate engineering students who have shown outstanding leadership at Rice. 2016/17 Outstanding Leadership Excellence Award Recipent: Christopher Wentland. 2016/17 Distinguished Leadership Excellence Award Recipient: Drew Petty 

Research Excellence Award

Given to an undergraduate engineering student who has performed outstanding academic research at Rice.  2016/17 Outstanding Research Excellence Award Recipients: Aaron Jeffrey Velasquez-Mao and Constantine Tzouanas. 2016/17 Distinguished Research Excellence Award Recipient: Yujun Chen

International Service Award

Given to an undergraduate engineering student who has distinguished himself or herself through international service. The award is for $4,000. 2016/17 Recipient: Lucas Bizzaro


Special Awards

Scholarships from other funding sources are selected by the respective engineering departments.

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Scholarships at the Science and Engineering Fair of Houston

Through a long-standing partnership, REA provides alumni volunteers who serve as judges and scholarship interviewers at the Science and Engineering Fair of Houston and selects two high school students to receive $5000 scholarships to Rice. The scholarship winners are also invited to be recognized at the School of Engineering End-of-Year Picnic, hosted by REA. For further details, or to serve as an REA judge and help select the winners of the Rice scholarships, please visit our Education & Outreach page.