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Tania Min '90, '92

Tania MinARA Executive Committe
BA 1990, Rice University
BArch 1992, Rice University
MArch 1994, Yale University

ARA Board term ends: 2021



Get to Know Tania
  • What part of serving on the ARA Board are you most excited about?
    I am most looking forward to serving the Rice alumni/ae communities that may have been underserved in the past. Some of these constituencies would include alumni/ae from the Architecture School (especially women), those located in the Northeast, Korean and Asian American alumni/ae, and even smaller groups such as those who cherish KTRU, arts initiatives by the University, or Women's Soccer. It is an honor and responsibility to advocate for my fellow alumni/ae and I am looking forward to representing all constituents in the most ethical manner possible.
  • What is your favorite “Only at Rice” memory or story?
    There are so many "Only at Rice" memories, especially for someone who came from Connecticut as an 18 year old. I remember someone having to explain to me what a chimichanga is and to not eat it with a fork and knife, geeky football cheers, late night runs to Two Pesos and House of Pies, strange things happening in the Acabowl at Wiess, being able to see the horizon from miles away, great air conditioning, the sometimes hilarious dinner announcements at Wiess, and being surrounded by incredibly bright, funny and kind people. If I had to distill all these memories down, the most "Rice" memory would be pulling an all-nighter in sophomore studio at Anderson Hall one night. As the day dawned I stood up to stretch and turned around to look out the window. I turned to a friend (and fellow Wiess person) at the next desk and said "I think something is wrong with Willy, he's facing the wrong way, but maybe I'm just hallucinating." Ken took a look also, we stared for about 30 seconds and he confirmed that Willy was facing the wrong way and then, in the monomaniacal fervor that is sophomore studio, we both returned to our desks and continued working.
  • If you could give one piece of advice to Rice students, what would it be?
    From my experiences, I would advise current Rice students to take advantage of all that Rice and Houston has to offer. The community is kind and can teach you so much; there is no other city quite like Houston, so immerse yourself in all that you can and sleep once you graduate. Try new things and explore!