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Rice Ring Tradition

The Rice Ring represents one of the longest standing institutions maintained at Rice University. An owl was inscribed on the rings of the inaugural 1916 graduating class. The academic seal of Rice University was placed at the center of the ring the following year. Each Rice Ring has followed this template since 1917, a decision that has preserved the integrity of the Rice Ring tradition for nearly a century. This tradition allows the Rice Ring to serve as a symbol of the experiences each Rice alumna/us has had during their collegiate career at Rice. The ring not only serves as a reminder of the hard necessary work to succeed as a student, but it also forms a bond among all Rice alumni across the world. The ring is a visible representation of your alumni status and unites past, present, and future Rice Owls.

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We invite undergraduates who have accumulated 90 credit hours to become a part of the Rice Ring tradition. Graduate students set to earn a Master of Arts, Sciences, Business Administration, Liberal Studies or a Doctor of Philosophy are also encouraged to join the Rice Ring institution.

The Rice Ring is available exclusively through Balfour. You may purchase a Rice Ring from the Rice University Bookstore (located in the Rice Memorial Center, 713-348-0000) or directly from Balfour (, 1-877-225-3687).

Rice Ring Celebration

The Association of Rice Alumni sponsors a Rice Ring Celebration to honor students who have chosen to participate in the ring tradition.  The celebration takes place during the Fall Semester and represents an opportunity for family, distinguished alumni, and university representatives to come together and honor students’ accomplishments. The most recent Rice Ring Celebration in October 2015 included a message from Sue Oldham, the President of the Association of Rice Alumni, as well as a champagne toast from Dean of Undergraduate Studies John Hutchinson. Details about the 2016-2017 Rice Ring Celebration will be posted in early fall 2016. 

Historical Rice Rings

View the Class of 2016 Rice Ring Ceremony Photos on Flickr

The Rice Ring

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