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Alumni Making an Impact
Features alumni who are making a difference for Rice on campus and in their communities.

Alumni in the News
Highlights stories that are gathered from the media through the hard work of the ARA's Alumni Recognition Committee, which recognizes and celebrates achievements of Rice alumni, faculty, students, staff and university friends by sending hand-written notes and emails. If you are interested in volunteering for the committee, contact Tara Quell, assistant director, alumni relations at 713-348-4694.

Mike Girardi ’88 Featured for Successful Season as Junior College Basketball Coach

Mike Girardi ’88 wraps up a successful season coaching both the men’s and women’s basketball teams at Modesto Junior College.
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Susan Boettger ’95 Launches Unique After School Program

Susan Boettger ’95 opens a unique after school program in California. The program combines STEM, athletic and music activities in one facility for children in kindergarten through eighth grade.
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Simon Young ’08 Part of Team that Developed Immunotherapy Drug for Cancer

Simon Young ’08 helped to develop an immunotherapy drug that has proven highly effective in treating cancer.
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Rice Coffeehouse — Caffeinating Campus Culture since 1990

Behind the Scenes at Rice’s Most Popular Student-Run Business It appears like a typical, urban coffeehouse — cushy couches scattered amongst tables and chairs, trays of golden croissants lining the front case and, underlying everything, the permeating scent of coffee beans. In Rice Coffeehouse, however, it is students who prepare ...
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This all-alumni newsletter highlights one of Rice’s greatest student institutions: the Coffeehouse. It may be hard to believe now that there’s a Starbucks on just about every block and independent coffee shops are thriving, but the Coffeehouse was one of the first times that many of us experienced coffee fancier ...
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C.J. Peters '62 featured by STAT News for his accomplished career as a virus hunter

In an interview by STAT News, C.J. Peters ’62 chronicles his many travels and accomplishments during his career as a virus hunter.
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Astronomy enthusiast Donna Pierce '56 advocates to bring a planetarium back to Dallas

Donna Pierce ’56, better known to her high school students as “The Star Lady”, is working with area astronomers to bring a public planetarium back to Dallas.
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Matthew Broussard '10 featured for his success as a comedian

Matthew Broussard ’10 is featured by Seven Days Vermont for his successful standup comedy career. 
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He Dong '08 awarded grant to develop new synthetic antimicrobial nanomaterials

He Dong ’08 was awarded the National Science Foundation Faculty Early Career Development grant. Dong, a researcher at The University of Texas at Arlington, will use the grant to develop nanomaterials to treat antibiotic resistant infections.
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Mohit Aron '98 featured by Futuriom for his successful career in Silicon Valley

Cohensity, a secondary storage company started by Mohit Aron ’98, is growing quickly. Aron has tapped a new market for web scale infrastructure for secondary storage with Cohensity and has already shown rapidly growing sales.
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Pablo Henning '15 and Ujalashah Dhanani '15 create nonprofit to benefit Venezuela

Alums Pablo Henning ’15 and Ujalashah Dhanani ’15 established nonprofit organization Saludos Connection to provide aid to Venezuelans struggling with food and medicine shortages.
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Stephanie Huang '13 describes her journey joining the Air Force

Stephanie Huang ’13 talks about her path to becoming an attorney and then joining the Air Force.
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