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Alumni Making an Impact
Features alumni who are making a difference for Rice on campus and in their communities.

Alumni in the News
Highlights stories that are gathered from the media through the hard work of the ARA's Alumni Recognition Committee, which recognizes and celebrates achievements of Rice alumni, faculty, students, staff and university friends by sending hand-written notes and emails. If you are interested in volunteering for the committee, contact Tara Quell, assistant director, alumni relations at 713-348-4694.

A Conversation with Rice University Provost Marie Lynn Miranda

On July 1, 2015, Marie Lynn Miranda became Rice University’s Howard R. Hughes Provost, as well as a professor of statistics and of bioengineering. She is a widely recognized leader in the evolving field of geospatial health informatics and has studied, for example, how social and environmental stressors lead to ...
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Science and Humanities Student Henry Bair ’17 Makes a Case for Research

Henry Bair ’17 is quite a renaissance man. As a student pursuing degrees in biochemistry and cell biology and medieval and early modern studies, he has embraced research as the raison d’être of his Rice undergraduate experience. In a recent Thresher opinion piece, he told his fellow students, “In losing ...
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Rice Gets Creative With Its Interdisciplinary Research Endeavors

“Creativity is all about that conversation between different things producing something new in their collaboration,” says Anthony Brandt, an associate professor of composition and theory at Rice. It’s an apt description for Brandt’s day job as a composer, which sometimes requires synthesizing disparate instruments into compelling harmonies. The ...
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A Message from ARA President Sue Oldham ’90

I travel frequently on behalf of Rice, both in my role as the ARA president and as the Jones Graduate School of Business’ executive director for recruiting and admissions. Wherever I go — Los Angeles, Denver, Seattle or even Calgary — I meet alumni who are accomplishing incredible feats through their ...
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Student Research Helps Transform Religious Dialogue

The students in Rice’s Religion and Public Life Program (RPLP) are a diverse group. Some are religiously devout, and some are skeptical. They come from a wide variety of backgrounds, represent many different areas of study and have distinct future plans. But all of the students share a drive to ...
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Cutting-Edge Owl Impact: Two Alumni Describe Their Research

From coast to coast, Rice alumni are engaged in fascinating research. We asked two alumni on opposite sides of the country to tell us about their investigations and what they find most exciting about research.
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6 Ways Rice Research is Changing the World

It's no secret that Houston is spearheading transformative growth and innovation around the world. Rice University commands a unique position as a top-tier research institution within Houston, and its collaborative relationships with industry leaders like the Texas Medical Center and NASA enable Rice’s faculty and students to investigate ...
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It was great to see so many Owls at Homecoming & Reunion!

Homecoming & Reunion 2015 was a great success! More than 1,500 alumni and friends enjoyed themselves at the All-Alumni Party, the Decades Parties, Classroom Connect, the tailgate, Family Fest, the football game — the list goes on and on.  For those who want to relive the happy memories (or ...
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Come to Rice on Feb. 13 for Classroom Connect!

If you find research exciting, come to Rice for Classroom Connect on Feb. 13! Hear faculty lecturers speak about their cutting-edge research on topics like the Higgs boson particle, the connection between saliva and voting behavior and the workings of the brain.  Take part in hands-on experiences, enjoy lunch with Rice’s faculty ...
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Thierry Rignol '12 organizes vigil in support of Paris

Shocked by the devastating attacks in France last November, Rice alumnus and native Parisian Thierry Rignol '12 organized a candlelight vigil in Houston to show support for those affected by the attacks. In addition to being a consultant for the energy and gas industry in Houston and the president of the ...
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Gabi Chennisi ’12 explores the horror of first love in “Clinger”

Gabi Chennisi ’12 and a group of fellow Houstonians have crafted a high school horror-comedy about first love that’s a lighthearted play on multiple genres and familiar movie arcs: romantic comedy, gross-out horror and teenage mean girls. 
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Harvard Magazine Portrait: Jon Hanson ’86

The first time Jon Hanson ’86 lived on wheels, he was managing a restaurant and sharing a trailer with his high-school sweetheart, Kathleen. Neither planned to attend college, but that changed after Hanson’s father died. Applying to Rice on Kathleen’s suggestion, Hanson got in and soared.
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