Rice University and the Association of Rice University Black Alumni is deeply grateful to the following individuals for their leadership and support.

50th Anniversary Chairs

Akilah Mance '05 Monique Shankle '86
Donald Bowers '91 Angela Berry Roberson '90

Honorary Chairs

Teddy Adams '91 Raymond Johnson '69
Teveia Rose Barnes '75 Jeff Rose '77
Terrence Gee '86

Executive Committee

Alex Byrd '90
Associate Professor and Wiess College Master
Roland Smith
Associate Vice Provost for Diversity and Inclusion
Kevin Kirby
Vice President for Administration
Linda Thrane
Vice President for Public Affairs
Marie Lynn Miranda
Rice University Provost
Darrow Zeidenstein
Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations

Volunteer Commission

Angela Ravin Anderson '91 Courtney Hall '90
David Bailiff
Rice Football Head Coach
Carlin Hartmann
Men's Basketball Assistant Coach
Kevin Bailey '04 Brandy Hays '98
Jim Bevan
Women's Track Head Coach
ND Kalu '07
Pamela Scott Carrington '73 Tina Langley
Women's Basketball Head Coach
Catherine Clack
Assistant Dean and Director
of Multicultural Affairs
Mike Rhoades
Men's Basketball Head Coach
Chandler Davidson
Professor of Sociology
Brent Scott '04
Bobby Dixon '97 Tamara Siler '86
Associate Director of Admissions
Barry Donovan '90 Gloria Tarpley '81
Rice Trustee
Julian Duncan '99 Stahle Vincent '72
Greg Gatlin '03 Willis Wilson '82
Stacy Bene Gilstrap '88

Campus Partners

Kate Abad
Director of Student Activities
Joe Karlgaard
Director of Rice Athletics
Lina Bell
Executive Director of the Rice EMBA
Sue Oldham
ARA Board President and
Executive Director of Recruiting and Admissions
for the Jones School
Jana Callan
Chief of Staff, Provost's Office
Johnny Whitehead
Chief of Police and Director of Public Safety
Lauren Cavallaro
Assistant Athletic Director
Theodore Williams
President of the Black Business
Student Association
Lynn Fahey
Ph.D. candidate, President of the GSA