ARA Board Application

In accordance with the ARA constitution, the Board’s essential purpose is to help give Rice and its alumni a reciprocally beneficial relationship. In addition, to best serve the evolving Rice alumni community, service to the ARA Board requires significant consideration to how the Board may best serve and engage the entire alumni population.

ARA Board members are asked to attend three board meetings per year, serve on task forces and committees that aim to address alumni needs, and further promote and celebrate the alumni community. You should be willing, as an ARA Board member, to take an active interest in the workings of the university and to share this understanding with your fellow alumni. More information about Board member responsibilities and the criteria for Board membership can be found here.

Have you contacted someone familiar with the Board (e.g., a current or former board member, staff, or faculty) to discuss the Board and its work? While not required for application to the Board, the context provided by someone familiar with the Board can be helpful in shaping a thoughtfully-written application that highlights your unique strengths and acknowledges the goals of the Board as well as the time and resource commitments of its members. Letters of recommendation are not required, but may be submitted and will be considered along all other application fields.

Applicants are encouraged to respond to each of the prompts below and consider responses of 150-200 words per question.