Owlmanac Class Recorders

Class Recorders are volunteers who help their classmates and other alumni keep in touch with each other and with the University by communicating updates via Owlmanac Class Notes.

To access online classnotes, please log-in via the Rice Portal. Once you are logged in to the Portal, click "Owlmanac Online" beneath "Connect" in the menu on the left side of the home page.

If you would like to volunteer to be a class recorder email owlmanac@rice.edu or call 713-348-6783.

Recorders By Decade


Year Class Recorder Name Email Address
1950 Ed Millis emlls@aol.com
1951 Gene Langworthy ueee3ami@gmail.com
1951 George Laigle glaigleman1@gmail.com
1952 Merritt Singer Jr. singerim@sbcglobal.net
1953 Charles Henry chenry26@cox.net
1954 Neil O'Brien nobrienyz@gmail.com
1955 Nancy Moore Eubank neubank@sbcglobal.net
1956 Charles Koberg koberg@alumni.rice.edu
1957 Shirley Dittery Grunert sdgrunert@sbcglobal.net
1957 LaNelle Ueckert Elston elstonl@att.net
1957 Anne Westerfield Brown brownaw57@gmail.com
1958 Jim Greenwood jmgrnwd@aol.com
1959 Marilynn Revis Wait mwrice1959@gmail.com


Year Class Recorder Name Email Address
1960 Galloway Hudson hudsong@alumni.rice.edu
1960 Trudy Abel Hester trudy.hester@icloud.com
1961 Nancy Thornall Burch nburch2@juno.com
1962 Eleanor Powers Beebe ebeebe@yahoo.com
1963 Kathleen Much much.bookdr@gmail.com
1964 Lucy Meinhardt lmeinhar@pacbell.net
1966 Jim Bearden jbearden@ieee.org
1967 Michele S. Roberts michele-roberts@sbcglobal.net
1968 Judy Malo Ragland-Lloyd judyrags13@comcast.net
1969 Linda Wald Gibson lindawgibson@gmail.com


Year Class Recorder Name Email Address
1970 Ann Olsen ann.olsen@alumni.rice.edu
1970 Mike Ross mikeross2@prodigy.net
1971 Ann Patton Green annpgreene@gmail.com
1972 Tim Thurston timthurston@hotmail.com
1973 Mike Alsup malsup2020@outlook.com
1974 Kathleen Ford Bay kathleen.ford.bay@gmail.com
1975 Tom Gehring tom@tsgehring.net
1975 Sharon Readhimer Kimball sharonrkimball@gmail.com
1976 Michael Hindman mhindman@hmharchitects.com
1977 Connie Dressner Tuthill connie.tuthill@gmail.com
1978 Chris Lahart clahart@earthlink.net
1979 Marian Barber marianj.barber@gmail.com
1979 Candace Barrington candace.barrington@snet.net


Year Class Recorder Name Email Address
1980 Kathy Behrens kathybehrens@verizon.net
1981 Gloria Meckel Tarpley gloriameckeltarpley@ricealumni.net
1982 Susan Stone Woodard suz.woodard514@gmail.com
1983 Jennifer Sickler j.sickler@hotmail.com
1984 Gretchen Martinez Penny gretchen.penny@gmail.com
1985 David Phillips bigolpoofter@alumni.rice.edu
1986 Greg Marshall gmarshal@rice.edu
1987 Lucy Meyers-Lambert lucy.elizabeth@live.com
1988 Sonu Thukral Keneally sonuk@alumni.rice.edu
1989 Sten L. Gustafson stengustafson@icloud.com


Year Class Recorder Name Email Address
1990 Rose Unite ramblin@alumni.rice.edu
1992 Alison Cohen erisagirl44@yahoo.com
1993 Jamie Nelson jnelson0612@hotmail.com
1994 Tom Harris wthmd@yahoo.com
1995 Francisco Morales texasliberal@hotmail.com
1996 Brooke Johnson Borden borden.brooke@gmail.com
1997 Sara Chiu drsarachiu@gmail.com
1998 Laura Duke laura_duke@yahoo.com
1999 Stephanie Taylor findslt@gmail.com


Year Class Recorder name Email Address
2000 Felisa Vergara Reynolds felisavr@gmail.com
2001 Kristin Johnson Aldred kris.layne@gmail.com
2002 Scott Berger csberger@gmail.com
2003 Julie Yau-Yee Tam julietam@alumni.rice.edu
2004 Kate Hallaway kateh@alumni.rice.edu
2005 Alex Sigeda alex.sigeda@gmail.com
2006 Hugham Chan hugham@gmail.com
2007 Clint Corcoran clintc@alumni.rice.edu
2007 Becky Thilo Tuttle becky@alumni.rice.edu
2008 Emily Reagan emilymaryreagan@gmail.com
2009 Gina Cao Yu ginacaoyu@gmail.com


Year Class Recorder name Email Address
2010 Emily Zhu Haynie emilyahaynie@gmail.com
2011 Alex Wyatt awyattlovett@gmail.com
2012 Daphne Wert Strasert daphnestrasert@gmail.com
2013 Matt Mariani mmariani16@gmail.com
2014 Molly Richardson molly.richardson452@gmail.com
2015 Qizhong Wang qizhong.wang2011@gmail.com
2017 Margaret Lie margaret.lie@ricealumni.net
2018 Meg Brigman megbrigman@alumni.rice.edu
2019 Claire Weddle weddleclaire@gmail.com
2019 Ike Arjmand Isaac.arjmand@gmail.com

Grad Notes

Year Class Recorder name Email Address
Grad Notes Jose A. Narbona janv@rice.edu