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Hasti Taghi ’18

Hasti Taghi '18

Chief of Staff and Strategic Project Lead, H2Consulting
B.A. Journalism 2007, University of Texas at Austin
M.A. Global Affairs 2018, Rice University

ARA Board Term ends: 2025

Get to Know Hasti

What part of serving on the ARA Board are you most excited about?

I'm enthusiastic about helping masters students feel connected to Rice long after graduation and have a sense of pride for recruiting new rice students, giving back to the university, and speaking of Rice as part of their accomplishments. As someone who has worked on the East Coast especially, I hope that through our alumni, we can help improve the understanding of the incredible programs at Rice and grow its prestige outside of Texas.

What is your favorite “Only at Rice” memory or story?

I was lucky enough to serve on a committee that helped host a 2016 election-night watch party at Rice University's Baker Institute for Public Policy while I was a graduate student. I will never forget being in the same room as Secretary Baker, Ambassador Djerejian, President Leebron, and so many other Baker Institute fellows, donors and my classmates on that evening. As I looked around at the individuals from different political backgrounds, different beliefs, different levels of political involvement, but a common adoration for Rice University and a sense of pride for being an American on election night, I felt like I had won the graduate program lottery. To me, the Baker Institute for Public Policy is one of the hidden gems of Houston - and it's only at Rice!

If you could give one piece of advice to Rice students, what would it be?

My advice for current Rice students is to learn about what the university has to offer, between its many programs and events, there are a lot of opportunities for the intellectually curious to become involved and grow their perspective so you can challenge convention.