Project Requests

Project Request Form

Please submit all details to the best of your ability. More details about the project request submission process and quarterly planning cycle can be found below.

If you have any questions, please contact Kayla Rowan.

Alumni Relations Quarterly Project Cycle

AR Quarterly Project Cycle

2 Months Before the Start of Each Quarter:

  • The Marketing-Communications (Mar-Comm) team will reach out to each member of the Alumni Relations (AR) team to confirm the projects that were done for them in the same quarter of the previous fiscal year to confirm if those projects will again require support. In addition, the Mar-Comm team will inquire about any new projects that will also require communication efforts in the upcoming quarter.
  • Mar-Comm will confirm which projects will require a submission via the project request form above and each AR team member will submit requests for their respective projects.
    • Signature projects that recur annually may not require a request form submission since the Mar-Comm team is familiar with them and some have dedicated planning meetings (i.e. Homecoming, Beer Bike, Laureates).
    • Any new projects will require a project request form submission.
    • All ad-hoc events or initiatives (i.e. regional and Affinity Group communications) will always require a project request form submission.
    • Given the nature of ad-hoc events/initiatives, it may not be possible for AR to make requests for communications efforts in the timeframe listed above, but Mar-Comm can be flexible and fulfill requests with at least a 1-2 week lead time.
  • Mar-Comm and individual AR team members can meet for brainstorming meetings to discuss ideas and strategies as needed.
  • Mar-Comm will write a Creative Work Plan (CWP) for projects that require them and share with the respective AR team members for review.
    • A CWP will be required for any project that isn't an ad-hoc event/initiative.
    • A new, updated CWP will be required for signature/recurring projects each fiscal year.

1 Month Before the Start of Each Quarter:

  • The full Mar-Comm and AR teams will gather for a quarterly planning meeting to review all projects for the upcoming quarter to ensure everyone is on the same page and that all projects are accounted for.
  • Mar-Comm will build timelines and begin work on the projects.
Quarter Dates Project Request Deadline
1 July 1 to September 30 June 1
2 October 1 to December 31 September 1
3 January 1 to March 31 December 1
4 April 1 to June 30 March 1