Rice Writes

Rice Writes

In the winter 2018 All-Alumni Newsletter, we celebrated the creative written works of Rice alumni authors with a fun, online quiz. If you haven’t already taken it, click here to test your Owl authors trivia knowledge. Once you’ve completed the quiz, be sure to share your score on Facebook or Instagram. We also asked you to share your favorite alumni writers with us at the alumni stories page. Here are just a few of the submissions we received:

Mark Andrus ’75 recommended the Texas river guides of Louis Aulbach ’70: “I have read all of the Texas river guides that Louis has produced. I contributed a page to his Pecos River guide. He has written a lengthy book about the history of Buffalo Bayou, ‘Buffalo Bayou: An Echo of Houston's Wilderness Beginnings.’ He has also wrote a history about Camp Logan (not the riot, but the camp). His current writings with Linda Gorski discuss the archeology of Rome. A complete listing of his books is on his website: lfa.epperts.com.”

Ruth Rusk ’72 shared the writing of her fellow Class of 1972 classmates Sarah Cortez ’72 and Patricia Wynn ’72. Sarah’s most recent book, “Tired, Hungry, Standing in One Spot for Twelve Hours: Essential Cop Essays,” tells her journey from “altruistic rookie to hardened veteran” in the police force. Learn more about Sarah’s career as a writer, teacher and speaker at poetacortez.com. Patricia is an author of numerous historical fiction novels, including “The Birth of Blue Satan,” the first book in the popular Blue Satan mystery series. For a complete list of her published works, visit patriciawynn.com.

Billy Loran Moore (M.A.T. ’82) wrote in to tell us about his two most recent novels, both featuring stories set in Texas: “The young adult historical fiction novel ‘The Runaway Scrape’ is about the terrible time following the fall of the Alamo, as well as the destruction of a second Texas army at Goliad. A free black family desperately scrambles to escape to the U.S. and avoid Santa Anna's army. ‘Old Wild Man Terry’ is also a young adult historical novel, this one set in the Big Bend area in 1912. This story features youngsters trying to recover horses taken by a mustang herd.” Visit billyloranmoore.com to learn about his complete published works.

Thank you to all who shared your favorite alumni writers with us! If you’ve recently read a book authored by a Rice Owl, tell us about it at the alumni stories page.