Regional and Affinity Group Communication Requests

Regional and Affinity Group Communication Request Form

You must complete your OwlConnect Event Record and LiveWhale page before completing this form. These steps are crucial to our event planning process, and your timely completion is greatly appreciated. Once these steps are done, the events and marketing/communications teams will be able to handle your request efficiently. Please submit all event/communication details to the best of your ability.

We strongly recommend submitting this form 6 weeks before the event. This allows our teams to plan and execute the event effectively. Please note that our teams require a 2-week turnaround to complete these requests.

If you want to create additional promotional items or marketing communications or have any questions, please contact Kayla Rowan.

Here is a behind-the-scenes look at the email request & creation process:


Email process timeline

All materials and messages created by the Mar-Comms team undergo a rigorous quality assurance process to attain the highest possible level of quality. During this process, we do our best to ensure that content is effective, accurate, appeals to the target audience and is consistent with Rice University branding.

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