Volunteers & the Alumni Office

Annually, each Regional/Affinity Group will set goals with their respective leaders to determine the events they plan to host locally or virtually over the course of the year. These plans will include events sponsored by Alumni Relations as well as locally organized efforts. A rough calendar of events will be determined at the beginning of the year. When ready to move forward on planning an event, the following Event Timeline will be used.

Alumni Relations will provide hands-on logistical and, in most instances, some financial support to help Regional/Affinity Groups plan local events in the following ways:

  • Staffing support in planning and coordinating event logistics, i.e. venue rentals, down payments, menu planning, room set up, etc. Events that require a contract, upfront deposit or payment, such as ticketed events, must be coordinated through Alumni Relations. The Regional/Affinity Group will determine the program, event format and speakers with the input of Alumni Relations.

  • Identifying local alumni or faculty speakers for your events and serving as a liaison to invite guest speakers.

  • Setting up an online event page, linked to the Rice Alumni Events calendar with event details. A registration tool is available for which we will provide registration forms, registrant lists, etc. for your event.

  • Coordinating emails to regional/affinity alumni and answering any registrant inquiries.

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