Determining the Event Purpose

Alumni programs should be meaningful and strive to engage a variety of alumni in different ways. Each region should aim to collaborate with the alumni office to create 4-6 events per fiscal year (July 1-June 30). In general, your group’s events and programs should:

  • Engage alumni in a way that is meaningful to them
    - It is important to remember that alumni are of all different backgrounds, experiences, ages and interests. To maximize engagement and involvement, it is important to host a variety of types of events, with varied days of the week, times of day, price points and locations, and communicate them through different channels, so that alumni feel that there are offerings of interest to them. Regions may choose to repeat a handful of successful events at the same time each year, trying to avoid crowding too many events together, and also scheduling to avoid Rice Homecoming or other big events.

  • Connect Rice alumni back to the university and with each other

  • Enhance each alum’s personal Rice network and community
    - Provide a welcoming and inclusive environment
    - Engage socially, intellectually and professionally

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