What makes the Rice graduate community so special?

Because of your role as a leader in the GSA as it celebrates 50 years, your input is invaluable for the upcoming ARA All-Alumni newsletter’s feature story.

Here's an example: our 2010 president, Kristjan Stone ’08 ’10, offers this story of a successful event he created:
“As GSA president, I decided to host an international graduate student summit at Rice in part to assure that smaller international organization had the same chance to find their voice on campus as large ones. One of the most unexpected and amazing outcomes of the summit was the creation of the International Cultural Night, hosted by the GSA. This incredible event, created collaboratively by the summit participants, gave each international organization the chance to be highlighted equally. It still warms my heart to think of this uniquely “Rice" experience: the collaboration, learning and celebration of different cultures — and students empowered and supported to affect positive change.”