What is an Affinity Group?

Not only can you stay involved by participating in a Regional Group, you can also take advantage of the various Affinity Groups connected to Rice University! Although most Affinity Groups are local to the Houston area, some groups exist throughout the regions. Affinity Groups are formed on the basis of shared ethnicity, professional pursuits, leisure activities, and other common interests. Current Affinity Groups are:

  • Graduate Alumni Network (GAN)
  • Graduate Liberal Studies Alumni Association (GLSAA)
  • Praying Rice Owls (PRO)
  • Rice Alumni Entrepreneurs & Innovators (RAEI)
  • Rice Alumni in Medicine (RAM)
  • Rice Alumni Pride (RAP)
  • Rice Business Network (RBN)
  • Rice Engineering Alumni (REA)
  • Rice University Baseball Players Association (RUBPA)
  • Rice University Business and Professional Women (RUBPW)
  • Rice University Community of Asian Alumni (RUCAA)
  • Rice University Lawyer Alumni (RULA)
  • Rice University Muslim Alumni (RUMA)
  • Society of Latino Alumni of Rice (SOLAR)
  • Society of Rice University Women (SRUW)

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