Association of Rice Alumni
Distinguished Alumni Award


To provide recognition for outstanding achievements by alumni of Rice University.

To provide role models for currently-enrolled and future students of Rice University.

To provide an open forum for these distinguished alumni to be recognized and to share their expertise and experience with various university constituents.


Candidates must have attended the University as an undergraduate or graduate student for a period of at least one year and be living at the time of consideration.

No one who has received the Gold Medal is eligible for this award.

Members of the Laureates Committee and their spouses are not eligible to receive an award during their period of service on the committee. Their names will be held until the following year and will continue in consideration for three years from the new date.


to be considered by the selection committee

Consideration for this award shall be reserved for those who have advanced the interest and standards of excellence of Rice University through distinctive professional or volunteer careers.

In reviewing qualifications of a candidate, the committee would likely consider points similar to these:

Advancement of the value of one's profession; exceptional expertise or dedication.


Significant professional innovations or research findings.


Voluntary contributions of energy, time, creativity, and skills for the advancement of the community welfare, the arts, education, social or government service.

Number of Awards

The Laureates Committee may select a maximum of five alumni to receive the award in any year.

The committee shall not select more than one individual from a particular profession for recognition in a given year.

Previous Distinguished Alumni Award Winners